About us

About us


DCTC was founded in 2005 by three owners of 25 years of long experience in terms of managing and implementing all cement projects:

* Eng.   M. Bashir Abdullah  * Eng. Fadi Azar * Mohamed Nazir Abdullah

• The company attracts DIAMETER skilled expertise with wide range experience and efficiency in terms of implementation of its works:

1 – construction work

2 – works  in cement plant

The company owns all necessary machines, equipment and tools to carry out its work.

  • The company major target is the implementation of cement plants projects and to provide them with services in the following sectors:
    • Construction works. – Installation works of mechanical and electrical equipment. – The local manufacturing works. – Replacement, renovation and rehabilitation works of the production     lines.
    •  Refractory lining works. – Providing of spare parts. – Operating and maintenance of production lines. – Provide technical manpower in all fields of specialties.
  • The company is committed to the implementation of its works according to the applicable safety measurements at all of its workers in various stages during the work execution .